Taking Steps to Becoming More Sustainable at Fox Run

Seneca Lake Friendly Farmer

We Are a Lake-Friendly Farmer

We hope that by keeping our vineyard balanced and healthy it will allow us to produce a flavorful and balanced wine. At Fox Run, we have either instituted these practices in the vineyard or are working toward them in order to support our environment and maintain a more complex ecosystem.

Eco-Friendly Features of Fox Run Vineyards

  • We are reducing our carbon footprint by operating on self-generated solar energy.
  • The produce and products in our Café are sourced from local artisans and farmers, as well as our very own garden.
  • A wild habitat of forest and wildlife surrounds our vineyards.
  • We are implementing the use of natural predation in our vineyards by using kestrel houses and owls to create a naturally balanced ecosystem.
  • Purchased grapes come from local farms on the East side of Seneca Lake and the North end of Keuka Lake.
  • Paper, bottle, and plastic recycling programs are in effect facility wide.
  • We are in the process of developing our own compost facility.
  • We are developing a mulch program using grape pomace (grape skins, seeds, and stems).

New York Wines In Europe

The New York Wines team at MEGAVINO 2014 in Brussels.
Scott with Steven Spurrier at the London Wine Fair 2012
The 2012 Chardonnay, Doyle Family Vineyards recieves 2nd Place at Salon St. Vincent du Virvet du Fromage Floreffe 2013.
Sasha at MEGAVINO 2012.

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