Craig Hosbach

Born and raised in New Jersey, Craig Hosbach’s winemaking journey began close to home before finding his calling in the Finger Lakes of New York. Embarking on his professional path, Hosbach accumulated over a decade of experience across multiple wineries within the northern New York winemaking region before assuming the role of head winemaker at Hunt Country Vineyards in 2017. From there, Hosbach honed his craft and shared his boundless enthusiasm for winemaking. Fast forward to 2023, Hosbach now has a pivotal role at Fox Run Vineyards as head winemaker, infusing his expertise and passion into every bottle. Just a year after being hired, Hosbach’s presence at Fox Run has been apparent, releasing his first vintage of Dry Rosé just months ago and receiving high praise from some of the most well-respected names in the wine industry.

Contact Information for Craig Hosbach:

Phone: 315-531-8141
Email: hosbachcraig@gmail.com